Ruote per Aria

Third Exhibition of Ecological Vehicles

Rome, Italy
September 23 through 26, 2004

Earlier this fall, I attended the “Ruote per Aria,” a sustainability fair that has been held in Rome for the past three years, and I took the pictures that follow.  The fair organizers' intent is "to create, in Rome, over a succession of years an event that captivates a variety of elements among various forces such as institutions, industry, and the general public, thus enabling a direction to pursue a "new tomorrow" in relation to our future environment.

     "The twenty-first-century city is forever changing and is forced on a daily basis to face the ecological boundaries it comes across. “Ruote per Aria” is an information base, a meeting place not only to inform us on new improved ecological methods but [to serve as] a point for organizations, institutions, and individuals to discuss the changes taking place, as well as the future moves for protecting our cities in today’s environment. It is there to act as a forum, to engage the public and private sector about a different way of life, for today’s present and future generations."

     This fair in Rome had a wonderful sequence of small tents that allowed exhibitors to display their interests in a way that allowed for bad weather and also for the fair to shut down overnight and continue for three days. The first picture is of the inviting entrance.   --Allen Larson 

















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