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Sustainability Reference Desk

Massachusetts Government Sustainability Programs

U.S. Government Sustainability Programs


A Model of policy making with sustainability as an objective

Sense & Sustainability: Charting Paths for the Future





















act locally (Cape Cod Center for Sustainability)

architecture and design for sustainability

AtKisson, Inc.: Accelerate Sustainability

biking-friendly communities

Yellow Bike Story


Invasive Species Weblog

Massachusetts Wildlife Program

business initiatives to promote sustainable industry practices

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), a global organization that helps member companies achieve success in business practices that respect ethical values, people, communities and the environment

Dow Chemical's commitment to sustainability

business initiatives to promote sustainability as a part of their corporate lifestyle

Sustaining Our Future--3M's Progress toward Environmental, Social, and Economic Sustainability 

UPS Sustainability

business initiatives to promote sustainability as a principle of public policy

Sustainability Leadership Award, Zurich, Switzerland, a project that seeks to honor leaders in sustainability work and innovation in the private sector

college and university integration of sustainability within their curriculums

Second Nature  


Massachusetts List of Endangered, Threatened, and Special Concern Species


Henry Lamb, "Sustainable Development 101," American Policy Center, July 2004. A series of articles from the late 1990s concerning the negative impact of the United Nations' Agenda 21. 

economics and sustainability

Center for Free Market Environmentalism (CFME)


Sustainability Now, California-based site, geared toward engineers and geoscientists

examples of how people are making their visions of sustainability real


health care

Caregiving, Larson Report References




Aging in Place Keeps Homes off the Market

Affordable housing and homelessness prevention

Cohousing Association

How to Sustainably Remodel Your Home

indicators of sustainability

Bellagio Principles, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) guidelines for the practical assessment of progress toward tustainable development

Boston Indicators Project

Genuine Progress Indicators

Healthy Anchorage Indicators Project

International Sustainability Indicators Network (ISIN)

Sustainable Measures, a consulting firm that works with communities, companies, regional organizations, and government agencies at all levels to develop indicators that measure progress toward a sustainable economy, society, and environment.-- Offers free materials!

information for individual decision making that contributes to the sustainability of natural resources, the center for information about low-tech sustainability for individuals and communities

Tree Hugger

integrating physical activity into community design

Active Living by Design Program

Cape Cod Pathways

Older, Smarter, Fitter, a guide for providers of sport and physical activity programs for older Australians

policy-making advisories and information for government and business

Breakthrough Institute

HORIZON Solutions Site

Maine Environmental Policy Institute (MEPI)

Natural Step, a nonprofit organization that helps businesses and governments integrate sustainability into core strategy and operations


Trustees of Reservation, "conserving the Massachusetts landscape since 1891"

preventive-medicine strategies for communities

Healthy Living Project, Department of Human Services, Maine

University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health Preventive Research Center


eBay's Rethink Initiative:  Fresh Ideas for a Cleaner World

renewable energy

Links to Outside Resources, Massachusetts Sustainability Program Web site

science and technology for sustainability

Forum on Science and Technology for Sustainability, an online forum maintained by Harvard University's Initiative on Science and Technology for Sustainability

social infrastructure

Caregiving, Larson Report References

Community, Larson Report References

Living Room, A Place for All of Us

Project for Public Spaces

Stelle, Illinois

stock market sustainability indexes and investments

Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes

Sustainable Asset Management, an independent asset management company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, that specializes in the field of sustainability-driven investments


What Is Sustainability Anyway?  answered by Sustainable Measures

sustainable economies

sustaining Cape Cod

Cape Cod Environmental Network

Project Impact

systems research

Sustainability Institute

think globally

Sustainable Africa

Sustainability Report, Canada

World Changing:  Another World Is Here

World Resources Institute (WRI)

World Watch Institute (WWI)

urban development

New Ecology Inc. (NEI), environmental protection and economic development in urban communities; promotes best-practice and information exchange among three constituencies -- CDCs, private developers, and universities--as well as public-policy networks

urban planning

Livable Cities

London:   A City Sustained for the Future 

U.S. Conference of Mayors Survey on Sustainable Development (pdf)

walking-friendly communities

American Hiking Society

Cape Cod Pathways

Walkable Communities


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