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Massachusetts Government Sustainability Programs


Many of the nongovernment programs based in Massachusetts related to sustainability practices and concerns are listed elsewhere; see especially Sustainability Reference Desk, BarnRaisers, and the Newsstand References section.  

The Massachusetts State Sustainability Program:

On July 23, 2002, Executive Order 438 (pdf) established the Massachusetts State Sustainability Program. This new Program will work to ensure that state government remains in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations, while serving as a model by promoting sustainable practices that reduce the state's environmental impact and save taxpayer dollars

          With tens of thousands of employees, hundreds of facilities, thousands of buildings and vehicles, and a multi-billion dollar budget, state government can achieve significant savings in energy, water, and materials use through greater efficiency and effective long-range planning. Not only are these reductions good for the environment, but they can also save thousands of dollars through lower energy costs, smaller trash fees, and reduced expenditures on purchases

          Executive Order 438 establishes a Coordinating Council, made up of 16 agencies and offices, to direct, govern and manage the program. The Council is co-chaired by the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs and Executive Office for Administration and Finance. The Order also calls for the establishment of an Advisory Committee, made up of non-state governmental entities, to provide input and feedback to the Council.

          The Council and all state agencies will focus on a variety of environmental priorities, ranging from reducing state emissions of greenhouse gases, increasing waste prevention and recycling rates at state facilities, and eliminating, wherever possible, the purchase of products and generation of waste containing mercury. Agencies will also be asked to focus on other activities, including, sustainable design and construction, purchase of environmentally preferable products, energy efficiency and water conservation, and use of integrated pest management techniques, just to name a few.

          The Council will be responsible for producing a Sustainability Implementation Guide and issuing annual reports on the Program's progress.

     This web site provides information on the State Sustainability Program, details on existing sustainability activities at state facilities, resources for state agencies, links to useful sites, and contact information for a number of related state programs.---Executive Office of Environmental Affairs


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