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1.  High Level of Civic Engagement

"150 Things You Can Do to Build Social Capital,", Saguaro Seminar on Civic Engagement in America, Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

See also in the Larson Report  Politics, Civic Engagement; BarnRaisers, Civic Renewal; and Newsstand, References, Community.

2.  Accessible, Affordable, and Ample Health Care Resources

Health Care For All

Massachusetts Cultural Council Health Care for Artists

Massachusetts Division of Insurance

Health Care for Massachusetts Campaign

Massachusetts Legislature Joint Committee on Health Care

Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School:

Americans have become increasingly preoccupied with all aspects of the financing and delivery of health care, and their concerns about quality and cost have risen significantly over the past few years. In 1989 Harvard Medical School founded the Department of Health Care Policy in order to study important questions in these areas with the ultimate aim of improving the nation's health care system.
     The new department tried an innovative approach: bringing social scientists together with physicians from one of the country's leading medical schools. More than 10 years later, the important work produced in this department underscores the success of this approach. Today social scientists work hand in hand with physicians from a variety of medical specialties who practice at Harvard's major teaching hospitals. This synergistic relationship allows us to address problems with the number-driven techniques of economists and statisticians, the patient-centered focus of sociologists, and the insight of physicians involved in clinical practice. We believe that this combination is essential to helping patients receive—and physicians deliver—better care.  (continued)

See also in the Larson Report the Newsstand, References.

3.  Accessible, Affordable, and Ample Preventive-Medicine Resources

Cape Cod Pathways

Cape Cod Trails Conference

Community Health Centers (CLHs) in Massachusetts, nonprofit community-based organizations that "Offer comprehensive primary and preventive health care, including medical, dental, social and mental health services to anyone in need regardless of their medical status, ability to pay, culture or ethnicity"

Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse

Unite for Sight, Inc., a national nonprofit whose purpose is to "empower communities worldwide to improve eye health and eliminate preventable blindness." (See especially the free health coverage program portal.)

See also in the Larson Report the Newsstand, References.

4.  High Level of Youth Wellness

A Baby Center, Hyannis

America's Promise, the Alliance for Youth


Dream Day on Cape Cod

Massachusetts Citizens for Children

5.  No Polluted Coastal Water

Barnstable County Directory of Beach Location and Water Quality, 
Water Quality Testing Information Page

Stephen Hall, "Cape Bucks National Trend in Keeping Our Beaches Safe," Barnstable County Report, in To Your Good Health, Cape Cod Health Care Newsletter. 

6.  No Polluted Drinking Water

Barnstable County Water Quality Testing Laboratory

Massachusetts Title V Regulations

7.  Ample Supplies of Drinking Water

Nature Conservancy, "Everyday Ways to Conserve Water."

Cape Cod Commission Water Resources Office

U.S. Geological Survey Observation Wells, current readings posted by the Cape Cod Commission

8.  High Air Quality

Cape Wind

Massachusetts Daily Air Quality Forecast

New England Climate Coalition

9.  Large Amount of Open Space for Passive Use and Recreation

Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC)

Cape Cod Commission

Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts

Low-Impact Development Center

Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, Low-Impact Development

Trustees of Reservations, Property Directory

Trust for Public Lands

Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Woods Hole Research Center, Electronic Atlas of the Cape's Environment


10. Solid-Waste Disposal Management That Prevents Soil and Groundwater Pollution

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs State Sustainability Program, Recycling Home Page

Northeast Recycling Council  (NERC)

11. Diverse and Renewable Sources of Energy

"New Energy for America, Jobs, Security & Prosperity for the 21st Century" (pdf), a forum report released by the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Conventions (CERC), the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), the Apollo Alliance, and the Coalition for Environmentally Sound Economies (CERES), October 16, 2004.

Cape Cod Community College Renewable Energy Curriculum summary

Cape & Islands Renewable Energy Collaborative (CIREC)

Cape & Islands Self-Reliance Corporation

Cape Light Compact

Home Energy Saver

Renewable Energy Trust

12. Very Few Roads That Are Habitually Congested with Traffic

Cape Cod Transit Task Force

Car-Free Travel on Cape Cod

"Just How Walkable (or Bikable) Is Your Community?" by, part of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center. 

Less Traffic

13. Affordable and Diverse Education and Training Opportunities for People of All Ages

Jack Jennings and Madlene Hamilton, "What's Good about Public Schools," Center for Education Policy (CEP), Washington, D.C., and the National Parent-Teachers' Association (PTA), April-May, 2004.

14. Good Supply of Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Design Advisor

Citizen Housing and Planning Association

Massachusetts Government's List of Capacity Building Resources

National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA)

U.S. Housing and Urban Development Homes and Communities, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless

15. Diverse Business Base

The Information Economy, a Web site with an exhaustive list of Internet resources on "the economics of the Internet, information goods, intellectual property, and related issues," by Professor Hal R. Varian, School of Information Management and Systems, Department of Economics, University of California at Berkeley.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Help for Massachusetts Entrepreneurs



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