An Action Plan for Cape Cod

Part 1.  Are We Better Off?

Part 2.  Sustaining Cape Cod

Part 3.  The Truro Survey

Part  4.  SWOT

Part 5.  Quality-of-Life Indicators
Part 6.  Opportunities for Truro

Part 7.  Confessions to Soothe My Soul and Clean My Dishes

Part 8.  An Academic Chair

Part 9.  A Personal Tool Kit

The Cape Cod Sustainability Scorecard


Perspectives on Sustainability


Sustainability Reference Desk


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To download the Cape Cod Sustainability Indicators Report 2003, click here.




An Action Plan to Achieve 
Sustainability on Cape Cod


Part 5.  Quality-of-Life Indicators 

The Truro Survey: Quality-of-Life Indicators,
Ranked from Most to Least Chosen

An editorial by Glenn Ritt



  1. Clean, open beaches

  2. Clear-sky sunsets

  3. Lack of air pollution

  4. Healthy bird populations

  5. Lack of noise pollution

  6. Appropriate nitrate levels

  7. Abundant biodiversity

  8. Control of invasive plants

  9. Accessible waterways for canoeing and kayaking

  10. Adequate number of occupied, affordable housing units

  11. Adequate number of bike trails

  12. Number of coyotes


  1. Safe roadways

  2. Access to health care

  3. Low crime rates

  4. Community involvement by residents under 40 years old

  5. Stable housing prices

  6. Economic diversity

  7. Percentage of residents participating in political process

  8. Percentage of residents participating in community as volunteers

  9. Number of community events

  10. Number of senior citizens involved in community organizations and events

  11. Number of cultural events

  12. Number of intergenerational activities; longevity of residents (tied)


  1. Availability of year-round employment

  2. Number of people working locally; accessible shopping (tie)

  3. Number of year-round businesses

  4. Accessible public transportation

  5. Number of affordable housing units

  6. Zoning bylaws to encourage affordable housing

  7. Number of home-based businesses

  8. Number of seasonal businesses

  9. Service industries


  1. Good health

  2. Personal security

  3. Affordable medical care

  4. Knowing your neighbors

  5. Number of people in town

  6. Number of businesses open year-round

  7. Number of families with children

  8. Property esthetics

  9. School enrollment

  10. Number of places to bike and play

  11. Access to art and culture

  12. Number of churches

  13. Good teeth

  14. Accessibility to playmates for children

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