An Action Plan for Cape Cod

Part 1.  Are We Better Off?

Part 2.  Sustaining Cape Cod

Part 3.  The Truro Survey

Part  4.  SWOT

Part 5.  Quality-of-Life Indicators

Part 6.  Opportunities for Truro

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Part 8.  An Academic Chair

Part 9.  A Personal Tool Kit

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An Action Plan to Achieve 
Sustainability on Cape Cod


Part 3.  The Truro Survey by the Cape Codder

An editorial by Glenn Ritt


Two months ago, this newspaper and the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability came to Truro to meet with nearly 20 residents.

We had a shared vision: Design a survey that will help the town identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Then, isolate those indicators that measure Truro’s quality of life, now and for years to come. Three hours later, we walked away with a vibrant list that reflected the diversity of our working group. 

We converted it into a full-page survey in The Cape Codder and invited our Truro readers to fill it out. We received more than 100 completed surveys, many copied and distributed neighbor to neighbor. Today, we share the results of the survey with you.

You will see eight separate categories. Under each, we have compiled and weighted your choices. The top listing is the one most chosen; the bottom, least chosen. While it is not a scientific survey, we trust it sheds some insight into perceptions of Truro; aspirations for its future; indicators that best measure the town’s unique quality of life; and potential strategies to sustain the community’s best attributes.

The Cape Codder has tried to connect Truro residents together and stimulate a community conversation. The next step in this journey: We will invite everybody who completed a survey, as well as our original working group, to convene this spring to discuss the findings. If we can help Truro residents identify actual projects and initiatives that will sustain the town’s strengths and maximize its opportunities, all the better.


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Life Guard Chair (photograph by Ben Nugent)