Nomination for a First Annual Sustainability Award
from the Alliance for Sustainability


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Cape Cod Center for Sustainability, Inc. (CCCS)



Sustainability Indicators Council (SIC)

       The Sustainability Indicators Council (SIC) wrote the Sustainability Indicators Report 2003 that we published and released on August 21, 2003. The Cape Cod Center for Sustainability had convened the twelve volunteers who made up the SIC more than a year previously to solicit and receive input from nearly a hundred other community leaders regarding ways to track changes in our community that would help us as shape efforts to sustain Cape Cod. The publication speaks for itself and can be read by going to our Web site



Exemplary Leadership in Sustainability

       The volunteer members of the SIC produced a document that has stimulated discussion and subsequent action across the region. The Cape Codder newspaper published excerpts of the report for fifteen weeks that maintained the public focus and interest in the SIC's product. Radio station WQRC is broadcasting periodic interviews with the writers of the report that continue the public dialogue and encourage substantive consideration. As a result, the contribution to our organization as measured by the interest in the community to discuss topics of sustainability and to get directly involved with sustainability has increased noticeably.

       The SIC's efforts established a working collaboration among nonprofit institutions, businesses, and local government. One outcome that immediately followed the release of the report last August was the successful "Sustainability Fair" in Orleans, Massachusetts, last September. The fair drew approximately 2,000 people and thirty exhibitors interested to display their products, ideas, and services, as well as their interest to sustain Cape Cod by looking for connections that link our economic, environmental, and social welfare concerns. (Application continues.)