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With an integrated approach to the economy, the natural environment, and the social community, the center's mission is to achieve the best possible quality of life for those living and working on Cape Codóboth now and in the future. The center's primary goal is to foster actions that will put Cape Cod on a path toward long-term sustainability.



Sustainability Defined


Sustainability is continued economic and social development that does not cause damage to the environment or natural resources. It is the resolution of the conflict between the sustenance of human life and the integrity of nature. 



About the Center


The center began in 1991 to promote the sustainability of Cape Cod. It is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that seeks to demonstrate that a sound economy, a healthy natural environment, and a prosperous civic life are not conflicting aspirations.  In fact, gains or losses in one area will necessarily carry over as gains and losses in the other two areas.  Consequently, organizations and individuals need to consider and understand all three areas and their interrelationships to ensure the future well-being of Cape Cod. 


The center's staff and volunteers take note of both past and present conditions of the Cape's resources and socioeconomic environments to assess how Cape Codders can go forward with the best possible stewardship of this beautiful area. Since its formation, the center also has offered a broad range of programs to encourage Cape Codders to think in a future-oriented mode and realize that today's actions are the basis for results downstream.


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