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Resources for Candidates

Campaign Desk, Columbia Journalism Review

Capitol Online

Communications Program, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Federal Election Commission 

Institute for Policy, Democracy and the Internet (IPDI):  George Washington University and the Pew Charitable Trusts

Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus Campaign School

National Center for Digital Government (NCDG), Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Political Resources On-Line

Women's Campaign School at Yale University




For an excellent up-to-date comprehensive list of schools that offer political science degrees that can be obtained online, see the Web site Political Science Degree: Guide to Online Political Science Degrees. A hat tip to the site's creator and maintainer.

State and local resources

Don't Just Stand There--Run!  A Candidate's Guide to the 2004 State Election: Published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, William Francis Galvin.  A pdf file, but well worth the time to download.

Democratic Party


Governing Magazine

Republican Stuff
















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