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Civic Engagement


  • Association for Community Health Improvement

  • Planetwork, explores how the creative application of digital tools visualization technologies, software, and the Internet, among others can open new possibilities for positive global change

  • CivicSpaceLabs



  • Building the New City of Toronto:  Reflections on Civic Engagement



  • Community Building Resource Exchange, Aspen Institute Roundtable on Community Initiatives for Children and Families



  • Center for Neighborhood Technology

  • Northwestern University, Institute for Policy Research, Asset-Based Community Development Research Institute

  • Illinois Civic Engagement Project



  • University of Maryland School of Public Policy, Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement, CIRCLE



  • I-Neighbors, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, free software network for your neighborhood

  • Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School

  • Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, Saguaro Seminar, Civic Engagement in America and Better Together

  • Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, The Vanishing Voter, A Project to Study and Invigorate the American Electoral Process

  • Mount Wachusett Community College Civic Engagement Project



  • Center for Communication and Civic Engagement (CCCE), University of Washington


New York

  • Campus Compact, Civic Engagement and the Engaged Campus, The Indicators of Engagement Project, Carnegie Foundation of New York 

  • LINC Project, low-income networking and communications


North Carolina

  • Community Sustainability Resource Institute, the Sustainable Communities Network, Creating Community, Civic Engagement



Washington, D.C.


  • America Speaks

  • Association of American Colleges and Universities, Center for Liberal Education and Civic Engagement

  • National Civic League

  • NeighborWorks, Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, Community Strategies

  • World Bank Group


United Kingdom





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