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     Nearly all of the major newspapers today require some form of user registration to access their online content.  Some require users to pay subscription fees as well, although most of those sites usually offer some content to nonsubscribers.  Barriers to nonsubscribers exist for many periodicals as well, even some published by nonprofit organizations.  All of the sites listed in this references section are open at least partially to nonsubscribers.  

U.S. Print and Online News Media:  These organizations operate usually from a U.S. home base, and they focus on news that is somehow significant to the United States. Most are daily or 24-hour, round-the-clock news services.  Their weekly or monthly offshoots (for example, Newsweek by MSNBC) are listed in the periodicals section. 

Foreign Print and Online News Media:  Some of the English-language, online editions of the large-circulation international news media are listed here. Also listed are the English-language, online national news media for some foreign countries. According to the British Council, founded in 1974 to develop relationships with other countries, "English has official or special status in at least seventy-five countries with a total population of over 2 billion." 



Think Tanks

Blogs on the War in Iraq 


Information and News and Commentary on the Media

Commonwealth Press Union (CPU):  Founded in 1909; 750 members in 49 countries.

Freedom House:  "Freedom House is a clear voice for democracy and freedom around the world. Founded over sixty years ago by Eleanor Roosevelt, Wendell Willkie, and other Americans concerned with the mounting threats to peace and democracy, Freedom House has been a vigorous proponent of democratic values and a steadfast opponent of dictatorships of the far left and the far right."

National Endowment for Democracy, Democracy Research Guide, Organizations, Media and Freedom of Expression.  

Poynter Online - Romensko, news about the news business

First Amendment Center (FAC), Vanderbilt University

University of Iowa, School of Journalism, Media Law, First Amendment and Freedom of Expression Resources.

We Media, how audiences are shaping the future of news and information

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