(The most recent are listed first.)

Harry the Dog at the ICA

Oscar's birthday

I can get that!

Harry Jr. and Sally playing on a big mountain of dirt

Sally and Harry Jr.

 Sally and Harry Jr. riding in the car.

Spotting birds.

Harry Jr. diving in.

Snuggled up.

Sally in the sun.

Harry Jr. and Sally in the city.

Harry Jr. working the bog.

Looking around in the marsh grass.

Sally playing in the marsh.

Harry Jr.'s puppy pictures:   [1];   [2];  [3].  

Harry Jr. at home.

Harry Jr. attends the Institute of Contemporary Art's groundbreaking.

Harry Jr. explores the Yarmouth Port marsh on Cape Cod Bay.  

Harry Jr. explores New Hampshire.

Harry Jr. spends Christmas vacation in South Carolina.

Harry Jr.'s friends are really into Christmas decorating.


Snuggled up.