Harry's Puppy Pictures, Page 1

Harry was born June 7.  The pictures shown below start with Harry at a svelte six weeks. 
One of Harry's brothers, pictured with him in the second snapshot below, was seen on Cape Cod on vacation this past week.  We're trying to track him down so that we can have a reunion.

July 2004




This is Harry with his brother Fred.  Harry is on the right in the picture.  

July 2004




Harry at home:   Even though we've caught Harry sleeping in this picture, he's been scouring around among the low hanging plants looking for insights to convey in his blog sometime soon.  Harry was born on June 7 and weighs 18 pounds already.  He's already developed an information network that includes the duck pictured here.  Some of his other sources are animate objects.

July 2004




Harry is ready for adventure.

August 9, 2004




. . . good place to bury my toys . . .

August 9, 2004




Harry at nap.

August 9, 2004




Harry with his cool toy.
August 28, 2004

Harry's Blog.


Harry's puppy pictures:   [1];   [2]; [3].  

Harry's  scrapbook:   

     Harry attends the Institute of Contemporary Art's groundbreaking.

     Harry explores the Yarmouth Port marsh on the rim of Cape Cod Bay.  

     Harry explores New Hampshire.

     Harry spends Christmas vacation in South Carolina.

     Harry's friends are really into Christmas decorating.