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March 27, 2006




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Opportunity Expo

May 1, 2006, Cape Cod Community College


The Cape Cod Community College will be the site of the Opportunity Expo to take place on May 1 this year from 10:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. The event is sponsored by the college's Student Senate in conjunction with the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability.


According to Joshua Coffey, President of the college's Student Senate, "We're working to host an event that will help students match their skills and interests with fulfilling community opportunities and possible jobs. And we've put together a working group both of people inside and outside the college to plan what we're calling ‘The Opportunity Expo.’" 


One of the outside organizations is the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability. Its president is Allen Larson, who is also a member of the college's board of trustees. According to Larson, "Cape Cod Community College defines opportunity. It is an institution that supports and encourages the ambitions not only of its students but also of the region's business and nonprofit enterprises." 


Several nonprofit organizations already operate from the college campus. For example, the Cape Cod Community College Educational Foundation is one of the region's leading fund-raising and grant-giving organizations. Its network connects deeply across all sectors and segments of the Cape and islands. 


The Academy for Lifelong Learning also operates from the campus and connects the college with residents who enhance their quality of life through programs and events that build on their educational accomplishments.


The Cape Cod Technology Council recently entered into a working relationship with the college in order to build upon its technology-based initiatives that serve students, both college age and younger, as well as employers and workers interested to expand their job-related skills.


The Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket School to Careers Partnership is another innovative nonprofit based on campus that connects students and area employers through internships and paid work opportunities. These experiences build upon a student's classroom lessons by offering insights into actual real-work environments.


And the list goes on. The Community Leadership Institute of Cape Cod and the Islands (CLI) expands the network of people who are well informed about government and nonprofit initiatives underway in the region. Regional theater and arts organizations link well with the college and utilize its gallery and staging facilities. Jim Miller, the institute’s director, is building a strong reputation already for the recently established Zammer Hospitality Institute (ZHI). Realtor Jack Cotton just funded a new real estate–related initiative.


Clearly, Cape Cod Community College is a well of varied and exciting opportunities for personal development in both for-profit and nonprofit endeavors. As Allen Larson sees it, "The college is the place that best sustains our region and its quality of life."


The Cape Cod Community College Student Senate has been working over the past few weeks to plan the Opportunity Expo that will take place on May 1. Generally, according to Josh Coffey, "the purpose of the Opportunity Expo is to highlight the connections that link the college and the Cape and islands. The event showcases many of the Cape's nonprofit and business organizations. Ultimately, our purpose is to match the skills and interests of students and the public with exhibitors whose programs they might find appealing." 


The Opportunity Expo will utilize the grounds of the campus that are encircled by classrooms, the library, the Tilden Arts Center, the Grossman Student Commons, the administration building, and the college's newly constructed environmental technology building.


The venue itself highlights what the Opportunity Expo is all about: connecting opportunists to the organizations that can make good use of their talents and experiences. The event is cohosted by the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability. In addition to working with the college to host the upcoming Opportunity Expo, the center is simultaneously working with Snap2, a Mashpee-based company, to develop Internet-based programs to accomplish the same matching of people to organizations in cyberspace that we are working to accomplish in person at the Opportunity Expo.


The Opportunity Expo will showcase nonprofit and business organizations from 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. Then from 3:00 until 5:00, area restaurants will offer a variety of culinary treats. And from 3:00 until 7:00, area musicians and bands will play.


The Opportunity Expo will be light and free-flowing. More information about the event is available from the college's Student Senate or by e-mailing me at 


Allen Larson, President
Cape Cod Center for Sustainability




Opportunity Expo

for People Looking for
Employment and Volunteer Positions
in Cape Cod's Best Organizations


Presented by

the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability

and the Cape Cod Community College Student Senate


Monday, May 1, 2006

10 to 4 o'clock

Cape Cod Community College