Comments on the 2005 
Volunteer to Sustain Cape Cod Expo

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Comments on the 2005 Volunteer to Sustain Cape Cod EXPO


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Community Reaction to the "Joint Venture Cape Cod" Proposal



Status of the feedback report:  We've received very constructive feedback regarding this year's Volunteer to Sustain Cape Cod Expo. Each of the sections below first presents general impressions I have received either in conversation or via e-mail. Specific comments follow without attribution.

We'll update these comments as we continue to receive feedback. If either the general impressions or the specific comments strike a chord and you wish to offer your thoughts, please send an e-mail to me at Thank you.--Allen Larson



Opening Reception, Grille 16

The response to our reception on Monday evening at the new Grille 16 was very positive.

Several people mentioned that nametags would have assisted the introductions and conversations.

Though people enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and informality, many would have liked to hear more from the next day's keynote speaker Bob Goodwin who arrived on Cape early enough Monday to attend the event.

In terms of our price points, some expressed concern that the cash bar costs were too high for the group attending.--ARL

*     *     *

"Beautiful setting, delicious hors d’oeuvres, and excellent service."

*     *     *

"The reception at Grille 16 was excellent.  No suggestions.  It was nice to see the lieutenant governor there."

*     *     *

"Lovely event and terrific for networking.  I think people (especially the nonprofits) loved the lavish spread and opportunity to preview a new place."

*     *     *

"Not only were the accommodations and food exceptional, the setting allowed us to move easily throughout the crowd, greet old friends and meet many new ones.  When you are made to feel special, and the event is special, it is special.  This event will set a new standard for business gathering."

*     *     *

"Most of the people thought it was good to be able to talk to other organizations and to  finally get to meet some new people."

*     *     *

"Thank you for inviting me to your reception.  A thought-provoking evening to be sure."

*     *     *

"Congratulations on a job well done.  The Monday evening event that we attended was lovely.

"Having the speakers give a brief talk at the end was very effective.  People were able to end the evening on a thoughtful note."

*     *     *

"Regarding the Grille 16 reception, it was a fun event."  




"Most people looked for people from their organizations and/or people they knew and then talked with them the whole time.  Unfortunately this limited the amount of interaction and idea exchanging that could have taken place.  Perhaps name tags (name and organization) would have helped along with some kind of a fun mixer exercise (corny but they work) that would have encouraged people to move around and meet as many people as possible."

*     *     *

"I only wished for nametags so I knew more of who was there."

*     *     *

"One thought that I had was nametags.  They can be tacky, but they really help with conversation during a party of this sort.  In order to make them a bit more friendly, just the first name could be nice.  This way people have a way of making a brief introduction;  then it's up to them to continue getting to know the person. 

"And if you really wanted to challenge folks, ask them to identify their favorite hero o heroine--they could have that on the name tag.  Can you imagine the conversations that would stem from that?  Or have them bring an item to contribute to sustainability--something to plant?"

*     *     *

"As someone new to the community, I would have liked to have seen people wear nametags that also included their organizational affiliation to help me get to know folks and remember their names."    (comments continue)


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Comments on the 2005 Volunteer to Sustain Cape Cod Expo:

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Community Reaction to the "Joint Venture Cape Cod" Proposal:

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February 25, 2006